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Here's How AI Improves Four Crucial Customer Success KPIs

We recently highlighted how AI can bring a positive impact on customer success. After all, you can’t have business success without happy customers coming back to purchase more of your products or services. 

Today, we thought we’d look at customer success in terms of KPIs and how you can use AI to positively impact them.

Use AI to Improve Your Customer Success KPIs

You can apply AI to nearly every aspect of customer success, boosting your KPIs in the process. With AI, you can improve:

Boost your customer satisfaction rate

We all know the frustration of having to call a utility company because the internet or the electricity unexpectedly shut down. First, you must make it through the automated phone tree system. Once you reach a live person, they have to redirect you to another department. After getting redirected several times, you finally find someone who understands the problem and can offer a potential solution. Going through that process leaves you frustrated and unhappy, causing you to consider switching to a different company.

Let’s look at another example. What if you have investments that you need help with or want to expand your business? These things impact your income, so when you have questions, you need financial advisors who can accurately and quickly answer them. You don’t want to wait weeks for advisors to go through time-consuming research and question-answering processes. 

You can use AI to help customers have better experiences when they reach out for help. For example, AI lets you streamline access to valuable information and automatically offer suggestions on how to solve their problems. When customers call in for help, an AI solution can automatically route customers based on their questions or emotions so that they get connected with the agents or managers best equipped to help them. You can also use AI to automate the question-answering process and speed up the time it takes to research customer problems.

When you apply AI to customer success scenarios, you get more satisfied customers and less stressed-out team members, boosting your customer satisfaction rate and team morale. 

4-Jul-03-2022-11-27-09-85-AMIncrease your customer retention rate

Imagine that you finally went on your dream vacation, but when you get to your destination, you realize you’ve forgotten some of the things you need. Or perhaps you forgot to prepare for the weather or don’t know about fun events happening during your visit. When things like this happen, we often turn to websites and apps to help us, and the more personalized the help, the better. 

You can use AI to give hyper-personalized recommendations to your customers based on your internal data and publicly available data, such as weather and traffic. For example, with user consent, an AI solution could draw on a customer’s earlier purchases, location, and local weather information. With this information, the solution could recommend products that the customer might need while on their trip or suggest free events happening during their stay.  

Offering relevant and timely recommendations helps to personalize the relationships with your customers, encouraging them to remain loyal and dedicated to your brand. More loyal customers mean a better customer retention rate for your business.

5-Jul-03-2022-11-27-09-58-AMImprove customer average revenue

At one time or another, most of us have received a request to provide our feedback on a product or service. Getting feedback is a great way to discover what your customers think — from their thoughts about specific products and features to loyalty programs and customer support. However, not many companies use customer feedback effectively. 

You can use AI to analyze all your company’s feedback — from surveys and call logs to social media and forums. That analysis can help you improve your products or services. Text analytics can help you identify key improvement areas based on relevant follow-up questions related to the item or service the customer bought. You can proactively reach out to customers, offering the right solution, product, or service at the right time.

Continuously improving your products or services based on feedback will lead to more sales and higher customer average revenue. 

6-4Boost your customer lifetime value 

When you apply AI in the ways we’ve described above, you can increase the customer lifetime value (CLTV) for every customer. The happier your customers, the more likely they are to buy from your brand long-term, and the greater the chances customers will respond positively to upsell and cross-sell offers. With AI powering your customer success goals, you could see more customers recommending your products and services to others. 

Reach Your Customer Success Goals with AI

You can apply AI to many areas of customer success, helping customers better and faster than ever before. Want to invest more in your customer relationships? We can help you take your customer experiences even higher. Imagine offering your customers unique and powerful experiences driven by AI. The kind of experiences that keep customers happy, engaged, and loyal. 

Want to achieve greater customer success with AI?

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