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Five Reasons To Become A Senior Machine Learning Engineer At Radix

As an experienced Machine Learning Engineer, you might be hesitant to change jobs. Will you click with the new colleagues? Will you have the learning and development trajectory you envision? Is it going to be something temporary?

We spoke to all senior profiles at Radix to see what their favorite aspects of working at Radix are. Let’s explore what they have to say about being a Senior ML Engineer at a young AI scale-up!

1. You’ll create impactful projects from scratch in weeks

It is extremely rewarding to observe how our projects create tangible impact. Some examples: contributing to the vaccine development process, helping to reduce CO2 emissions, preventing overcrowding on trains, and increasing passenger safety… Those are just some of the projects we delivered.

For those examples, our engineers were able to imagine, prototype, and deliver a working v1 within weeks, often when even the client doesn't know what he/she actually wants! You’ll deploy all of your creativity and technical knowledge, and think along with the client and our team to create the most suitable, sustainable, impactful, and fair AI solution.

2. You’ll constantly develop your technical & people skills

Together with your colleagues, you’ll follow the pace of AI evolution, best practices, and technologies. You’ll learn to make the distinction between hypes and actual breakthroughs that are worth investigating and including in your project. And you’ll do that alongside an extremely talented team, who will constantly inspire you!


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Our team also constantly holds internal knowledge sharing sessions, brainstorms together and is always ready to jump on a short call if you have a technical problem. We even have our own technical guide on what you need to know to be an awesome Machine Learning Engineer!

Be prepared to expand your soft skillset! The projects you’ll do will involve a great deal of communication, teamwork, time management, coaching, creative thinking and other skills that you’ll enhance on a daily basis.


3. You’ll have A LOT of decision-making power and responsibility

We love listening to our team when it comes to Radix’s future ambitions. With numerous brainstorms, ask-me-anything sessions with the founders, workshops, and hackathons, you will co-determine the direction in which you’d like the company to grow.

Whether you’d like to help conquer new industries, shape strategy, or establish long-term processes internally, you can always come up with a plan and make it happen.

Copy of 70% of organizations say they have seen little to no impact from AI so far. If managed well, an AI solution increases the EBIT however by 20% or more. 1 & 2 (4000 × 1500 px)

4. You’ll build fun projects and explore your creativity

While we take our potential to create impact seriously, it doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun with our skills! Check out this Computer Vision Rain Detection App announcement that we’ve prepared for the April Fool’s day:



5. You’ll fulfill your personal ambitions

Tackling a sustainability challenge like climate change or circular economy, making the world a better place, or sharing knowledge with the community—these are just some of the personal goals that our engineers are pursuing.

How does it relate to what we do at Radix? We carefully select clients that are aligned with our values such as creating global impact, striving to superpower people, working sustainably, and eliminating bias in AI solutions. You will have a chance to connect your daily tasks with your bigger purpose, and we are happy to make sure the projects you’ll be working on reflect your personal goals.

As a Senior profile, you also need to keep on acquiring new relevant skills and
developing yourself in order to discover what you truly want in life. Luckily, working within several industries and exploring different domains of AI and ML will bring you closer to finding your calling.


Did we convince you that a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Radix has a great job? We hope so!

Check out our open vacancies here.

Not senior yet? You can grow and make it there in a very short amount of time, don’t be afraid to apply!

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